IRS wage garnishment or levy can leave a single parent with one child only $288.46 per week on which to live.

The IRS will not stop salary garnishment or wage levy unless you take action. This is because the IRS normally only levies wages to force you to take action or after all other attempts to collect your back taxes have failed. The good news is that Sam’s Taxes can stop or reduce IRS wage garnishments and save your paycheck. All you have to do is call. We’ll explain the rest.

IRS tax relief is within your reach. Call us at (513) 328-1661. The IRS will continue to take your pay and make things more and more financially difficult for you until you set up some sort of payment plan or negotiated settlement.

Contact us and let us explain how we can stop wage garnishment in less time than you might think. Tax relief is the light at the end of the federal tax debt tunnel. Contact us today and let’s talk about how to free you from the grip of the IRS collections process.

Instead of letting the IRS take your money before you see it, let Sam’s Taxes review your situation, put you on the road to compliance, and set up a reasonable payment plan or settle your IRS debt. Call us today at (513) 328-1661 for some real IRS tax help.