Sam’s Taxes and Financial Services provide outstanding Tax Audit Help and skilled Tax Defense, while making sure the IRS treats you fairly and with respect. While you can technically represent yourself in an IRS audit, we strongly encourage you to hire experienced IRS audit help. Taking on the IRS without audit defense is like going to trial without a lawyer.

 If you have a letter from the IRS informing you that you have been targeted for an audit or that the IRS has adjusted your tax liability, you need audit help. The good news is that tax defense is only a call away.

We are IRS audit help experts. We can defend your interests in a typical IRS audit or in responding to audit letters. We strongly encourage anyone facing an IRS audit to seek tax representation from Sams Taxes. Representing yourself in a tax audit can lead to even larger tax penalties than you started with.

If you are accompanied by a knowledgeable tax audit representative, the IRS examiner does not have the unencumbered opportunity to question you concerning minute details from a return you barely remember filing, typically about matters that are beyond the scope of the audit you were targeted for.